Hi. Welcome to a bit about me. I grew up on 21 acres on Whidbey Island, Washington. I spent most of my childhood creating. Having a creative outlet has always been what's made me thrive in life. The desire to create in order to share my story and perspective has led me to paint, draw, sculpt, whittle, play the violin and eventually pick up a DSLR camera. 

I took up a kinesiology internship to fund my travels during the summer of 2016, right before my senior year at university. I'd work 50+ hours during the week and then I'd hit the road for the weekend, traveling from sunset on Friday to sunset on Sunday. There were weekends when I'd get in at 3 or 4am Monday morning, with my shift starting at 8am after a night of watching and shooting the stars but it was always worth it to pursue my desire to continue adventuring and creating. I quickly came to a self-realization. That while I enjoyed working in the health field, consistently being on the road and creating brought me what I felt to be a purpose in life. I had a story to tell, and a way to tell it.

I started working with brands, creating commercial work and even picked up portraiture and fell in love. The seemingly infinite opportunity to convey emotion, personality and movement opened up a whole new realm for my creative passion. It also let me interact, connect and tell the stories of those around me. Lastly it tied back into the work I create for companies, allowing me envision ways to capture moments naturally to create work that tells a believable story around their products. 

These discoveries have led me to one conclusion: imagery is one of the most powerful tool to tell stories, to convey and capture moments. I found a quote that I feel embodies the way I approach my work:
        "life doesn't pause to have its picture taken,"

We chase and capture moments in order to tell our story, whether it be personal or professional.

I'd love to help tell your story... 

Photo by:  Taylor Nelson

Photo by: Taylor Nelson

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