Soak More. Worry Less.

Lettering by: Piper Hayworth

I'm still working out the kinks in the writing portion of blogging more consistently for 2018 and I think this is a perfect blog to talk a bit about that. To say I'm a worrier, an over thinker, someone who obsesses over what needs to be done and what "might happen," is probably an understatement. I've struggled a lot with allowing myself to not be okay, to realize what that might mean for me and then to figure out how to deal with it and move forward. I'm committing myself to a task for this year that has two parts. I don't like the concept of resolutions, as I feel they are a little bit of a joke at this point. I'm going to take on this task day by day, bit by bit until I work out all the kinks and am satisfied. I'm going to be okay with each day's progress and be okay with not being okay. Part one is definitely a refresh. Refreshing my mind, workflow, creative space and to put it plain and simple-- getting out more to refresh my being. This will likely result in the first few of my blogs coming into the new year being a bit of a brain dump, so bear with me. The second part, is being okay with not being okay. That means allowing myself to create something, critique myself, and not let that critique stop me from continuing to create but rather process it, break it down and use it as fuel to create something new. Part three is a bit of a bonus and just includes getting out for days like this, spending time with the family I hold so dear, connecting with new people, finding new places and just... BEING. I'm excited to continue sharing my thought process with you guys as I figure this all out and if you're going through something similar, I'm always open to connect!  

Thank you all for the support, drop a comment with your IG @tag, I'd love to check out your accounts and get to know you a bit more! 

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