running down to the riptide...

The photo blogs are back! I'm working on a website refresh to start off 2018, bringing back blogs, planning trips, our new roommates moved in, and we took a jaunt up to the Washington coast. It's been a jam-packed week to say the least, and I'm loving it! I'm going to keep this one short as I'm about to sit down with family for dinner while I'm writing this... I hope you enjoy the set and I'll leave you with two questions: 

1.) What would you like to see Bailey and I work on? Portraits and creative works wise in 2018?

2.) Where should I travel in 2018? I'm already making lists of spots I want to revisit in Oregon and Washington, as well as spots I haven't visited in Oregon, Washington and California but I'd love to hear other spots you'd like to see me photograph! 

I'd also love your feedback on this set, drop a comment below and I will check out your account!

Thanks for the support, more to come soon! 

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