Mind Escape: hot spring hangs with friends

I've spent a lot of time inside lately with the current weather in Oregon. It's been helpful in the sense that I've been able to focus in on some projects and get a lot done (including the completion of the first rendition of my website), but there is a major part of me that's yearning for warmer weather or at least a few dry days. I think my favorite part of rainy days is setting up my workspace next to a window and listening to the sound of raindrops as I work. There's a definite white-noise quality to the sound.

Sitting here, listing to the rain has definitely has made me want to return to this day at a secluded hot springs; spending time with good friends and making new ones. I found myself rejuvenated by both the sights of nature, the fog and steam rolling around us and the sound (or lack thereof) of only the water and our voices. 

I attempted to capture that feeling in this photoset; I'd love to know what you think! 

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