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Wind Swept: a thor's well photoshoot

We spent the day wandering around the Oregon coast between Yachats and Heceta head lighthouse. The rain drizzled off and on and we found ourselves chasing the patches of light that would peak through the clouds, up and down the coast. We made our final stop at Thor's Well, a spot anyone who enjoys the dramatic swell of the ocean should make a point to see. The wind began to pick up; it had been just as finicky as the rain throughout the day. In order to preface this shoot, there are two things I love most when capturing portraits. The natural touch of wind flowing through hair, and the subtle silhouette of face as one looks over their shoulder, enough to let the hair fall away and frame the face, perfectly. The feeling it captures is one of both mystery, and naturality.  

The following is our attempt to capture that feeling; I hope you enjoy! 

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