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Progression: then, now, and what's coming next...

Progression: then, now, and what's coming next...

I’ve wanted to make a change for a while now. I’ve wanted to completely shift the way I approach photography and identify my creative self on social media. It has; however, been somewhat of a conundrum for me given that the part of my work I am considering displaying less is still something I very much love to create.  I still LOVE the outdoors; at the very least it’s tied with my love for photography. That part will never change, but I believe it’s time for a change in my creative and social identity.

I have had a desire to create portraits, dive into the realm of capturing human expression for a good while now, in fact a shoot (with Piper Hayworth) I did about a year ago with my old Nikon D3200 really brought that to light for me.

That part is the THEN, which I want to explore with all of you... I thought it would be fun to share this shoot and talk a bit about what I did right, what I could have done better, and how I’ve progressed since then.  I’ve always had a confidence when it comes to composition, it’s a part of my creativity that came naturally to me and has only gotten better after much practices and many mistakes. At the time, when I took the photos in this shoot I also have a fairly good understanding of my camera and how to utilize it to it’s greatest potential.

What I didn’t have was confidence in directing my model, a pre-existing understanding of the location I was shooting, or the proper preparation to give myself enough time. I also didn’t have the foggiest clue how to edit the images I took to get a desirable result, hence why I ditched the entire set and didn’t look back till just the other day… that brings me to the NOW.

I have my fiancée to thank for a lot of my confidence when it comes to portraiture, I probably wouldn’t have gotten to where I am now without her around to consistently work with, bounce ideas off of, and learn from. It was through that relationship that I gained the confidence to communicate my ideas to, and direct most any model I’ve worked with since. I still have a lot to learn, which is wonderfully exciting but my ability to take something I envision in my head and bring it to life is above and beyond what it used to be.

I have also slowly but surely gained confidence, direction and uniqueness in my editing. This is a topic, which I could create an entire blog on, so I will leave it at that and let the pictures say the rest (the images in this set are edited today, taken coming up on a year ago).

This leads us to where I want to go from here, and how I want to change my identity as a creative, at least in the sense of what is seen in my images on social media.

I’ve woven a few portraits into my work up till now, and slowly headed in the direction of lifestyle over landscape the past year; however I think a much more drastic change is due. I love portraits, and the diversity of the works that I want to display doesn’t really fit into the current narrative of my feed. I’ve had a lot of doubt about changing that narrative; what will people think, will people lose interested, etc and so forth and so on. The ease of convincing ourselves NOT to do something that is risky or challenging is somewhat frightening.

You may still be wondering what the new direction is… I plan to curate my feed with significantly more portraits, of all sorts (indoors and outdoors), while maintaining the lifestyle narrative and continuing to incorporate landscapes in-between. The ratio will be roughly: one portrait, one lifestyle image, one landscape and then repeat. I won’t follow this precisely, but it’s as near a prediction of how the change and transition will look as I can give.

This is the ‘what’s coming next…”, which I am quite excited about. I am nervous to rebrand, but I know it will be the best way to continue to portray my passion for photography, which I know many of you pick up on…

I plan to continue to do photo blogs (hopefully once a week going forward), from photo-shoots, campouts, all of the above. The narrative of my feed may change, but it will still focus on conveying what I have always tried to convey through my work: a desire to create, capture moments and convey emotion through an ever changing series of images.

I will keep you all updated through captions, blogs, insta-stories etc and I am very much looking forward to hearing your thoughts!

Here’s to continuing this adventure together and pursuing our passions!

photoshoot: we wandered down the road...

photoshoot: we wandered down the road...

Mind Escape: hot spring hangs with friends

Mind Escape: hot spring hangs with friends